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Audacious Goals

Interested in the engine? Want to know what to expect next, and when? No? Damn.

Current Notes
I really needed a new video card. I thought I'd get a new video card. I went and got a new video card.
I ended up with a new computer as well.
Not that I was planning on complaining about that, but what does complicate things is when your backup files for something like, say, the Audacious Engine get corrupted and you are life with absolutely nothing.
So that's why there's been no progress for a couple months. I was too lazy to remake the engine. Oh and I got a job too, but pffft what would that have to do with anything.

More than I thought it would, for I've found a good stress reliever from working on a commercial project in which expectations are higher than you'd like, is to take a breather and work on a little project which no one gives a damn about.
Ain't life great?
Audacious Schedule

  • Rebuilding. Terrain generation is back up and ready, although in a different style. Terrain collision needs to be redone. Water needs to be redone. Going to actually make a gui this time, because I never have before and better learn how to.
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