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An Audacious Welcome

Hello out there. You've stumbled upon the official site for the Audacious game engine.
If you're lost already, I'm not really surprised. Who actually comes here on purpose? ;)
All the links to anything you need are provided on the neat little menu there. If you have any questions, comments, flames, trolls, requests, offers, advice... etc. You can contact me at

Page last updated: 08/16/02
  • Wow, time really flies by when you upgrade your computer have your engine backup get corrupted nab a job working with another engine and are too lazy to rewrite the one you previously had. In short, it took a while, but Audacious is finally being rebuilt. *gasp*

  • In every engines lifespan, there are times when you realize, "This really doesn't work". For the 3rd time Audacious hit that point again, but never fear, it is a good thing... (read "dev" page)

  • Done a ton of work over the last few days. Not much to show for it, at the moment. But soon there will be.
  • 1 new screen, shows the advancement in my smoothing functions, and the new terrain type.
  • This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer with 1024X768 resolution or higher.